Finance Teams

Finance Teams

Make your finance team’s job easier. Save them the time and frustration associated with paperwork

Tattered, faded, old, and torn bills with digits that are no longer visible and need further clarification is every finance executive’s nightmare. Instead of providing them with a magnifying glass, why not let PERI simplify this task?

  • Get access to detailed reports and intelligent insights
  • Automatically log in expenses made from company cards
  • Get immaculate records of bills, receipts and track every payment
  • Instantly release payment approvals as per the configured criteria and policy
  • With all data stored in a cloud-based repository system, effortlessly review costs to study patterns and prepare for audits.

Use Cases

  • Tax Audits
  • TAT reports
  • Tax laws Compliance
  • Expenditure tracking
  • Bills and receipt storage
  • Audit claim reporting

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