Simplify expense management and tracking to boost productivity and focus on what matters most

The hospitality domain is heavily dependent on the ‘show-and-tell’ strategy. Hospitality companies increase their outreach by constantly employing traveling sales representatives. Such enterprises can make strategic decisions based on the immaculate reports generated by PERI.

  • Get a holistic view of real-time expenditure at any time from any location
  • Use smart analytics and data-driven insights to allocate the right budget
  • Maintain efficient audit trails and TAT reports
  • Automate invoice processes to streamline purchase requests
  • Expedite approvals and reimbursements

Use cases

  • Strategic sales budget allocation
  • Vendor comparison and feasibility analysis based on reports
  • Customizing policies to meet hygiene standards
  • Financial analysis of HACCP
  • Maintaining the taxation structure to meet compliance with acts pertaining to shops and establishments

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