Retail & Commerce

Retail & Commerce

Automate expense management to maximize profits and enhance customer exPERIence

E-commerce and retail companies thrive on well-balanced and synergistic tie-ups with various vendors. Whether selling at a physical location like a store or selling online through a website or an app, the key to focusing on the core business is to streamline vital and time-consuming processes like expense management. Let PERI do the bills while you focus on selling and delivering products to your customer.

  • Effortlessly keep track of expenditure on the supply chain, infrastructure, and other vendors
  • Use in-depth, actionable insights to negotiate better with vendors
  • Maintain a concrete trail of expenses for mandatory audits
  • Use statistical data and insights to review and alter your budget as per your business's supply, demand, and growth.
  • Annual budget analysis
  • Supply chain expense management
  • Seamless tracking of logistics expenditure
  • Formulating a financial operating model
  • Audit trail reporting

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