Enable employees to collaborate with vendors seamlessly and crank up productivity

Manufacturing companies rely on an intricate network of sales vendors and component suppliers to manufacture the end product. The only vulnerable point threatening this network is a loose end in the financial paper trail. PERI plugs every leak without skipping any detail, making the system ironclad.

  • Automate accounts payable to eliminate manual data entry and paperwork
  • Use detailed insights and analytics to explore more depth in business relations
  • Manage and control spends while ensuring compliance
  • Ensure that the standard operating procedures and company protocols of every company are implemented without errors
  • Enhance productivity by automating expense management processes

Use Cases

  • Vendor & Supplier feasibility analysis based on expense reports
  • Resource Allocation strategies facilitated by actionable insights
  • Ease of access for the sales representative to file expenses in case of unplanned client visits
  • Ironclad receipt/bills management system to store and facilitate financial audits
  • Ability to update financial policies and hierarchies to keep up with Government norms

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